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My collection of Elvis Presley singles.

47-7810 1962 yearcover A


See also the LABEL-GUIDE for the different label types.

Here are all the singles I have in my collection. 
I'm collecting as much labelvariations / covervariations as possible.

Most of the singles were released in more than one label-type, for instance Hound Dog was with its first release in 1956 on the first used label from RCA which is known by collectors as the S1 label. Later that year the label type was changed in the S2 label and in 1958 in the S3 label. When a single was popular it was re-released in the label type what was used in that period.  
In the section "All singles" are all the singles released in Germany and the first labeltype they were released in.

I will also show the covers to the singles. Singles in the 50's were released in company sleeves and later in picturesleeves. (see singles 1956) The first cover specialy made for a single was for 47-7740 Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune. The first real picturesleeve was with the single 47-9314 O Sole Mio - Make Me Know It. (see singles 1960-1962).

If you have questions, singles or EP's for sale or extra information you can always contact me. 

Jans Rabbers

for more German vinyl singles - EP's - LP's go to my Facebook page.
There are a lot of rarities posted. 

Omschrijving van deze afbeelding Omschrijving van deze afbeelding Omschrijving van deze afbeelding Omschrijving van deze afbeelding Omschrijving van deze afbeelding

Elvis Presley German RCA vinyl records 


latest update
August 16 - 2023

latest additions

47-9600 => cover nicer version
47-7240 => O1
47-9314 => S7 "New High Fidelity Orthophonic"





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