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The information I used are from the following books :

Elvis Rillen-Revue, teil 1 singles   

written by Helmut Radermacher and Wolfgang Kühnel

released in 1985  ISBN 3-922932-02-9

Omschrijving van deze afbeelding  

 Elvis Rillen-Revue, teil 2 Werbeplatten, Schellacks, EP's, Single-Nachtrag

written by Helmut Radermacher and Wolfgang Kühnel

released in 1987  ISBN 3-92293203-7

Omschrijving van deze afbeelding  

 Elvis on vinyl Germany: Teil 1

written by Peter Baumann

released in 1995  ISBN 3-901418-02-4

Omschrijving van deze afbeelding  

How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe
the Nordic Elvis Presley Discography 1956-1977

written by Sigbjørn Stabursvik & Hans Otto Engvold

released in 2016  ISBN 506020 975097

a real inspiration to keep searching for rare records.

Omschrijving van deze afbeelding




Die TELDEC-Story

Omschrijving van deze afbeelding



Music lovers cherish the songs of their idols, record collectors on top of that value
the singles and LPs, which eternalize their art.
But little do they know about the formation
history, which led to the success of a musical production. 
Behind the curtain there are always people and companies, who work to make it happen.
Such a company was the British-German TELDEC GmbH.
Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley,
Bill Haley and Fats Domino, Ray Charles and Gene Vincent, Chris Barber and
Lonnie Donegan,
Tom Jones and the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Van Morrison –
there were only a few important musicians, whose records were not published by TELDEC.




70 years ago the company – then called TELEFUNKEN-PLATTE –
began to provide after-war-Germany with music recordings.
Since the association with British DECCA in 1950 it has developed into a first rate company
which supplied half of Europe with international and national records and
exported German music to the rest of the world.
The Nortorf pressing factory was leading in technical perfection –
from 78s to Direct Metal Mastering (DMM).



The supply with contents of the labels TELEFUNKEN, DECCA, CAPITOL, LONDON, RCA,
WARNER BROS., MCA, to name only the most important ones, incited impulses for youth culture and
formed our society up to the 80s.
Rüdiger Bloemeke’s chronicle  „Die TELDEC-STORY. Wie eine Plattenfirma unser Leben veränderte“
tells the fascinating narration of the rise and fall of TELEFUNKEN-DECCA SCHALLPLATTEN GmbH.
Of course this means the stunning story about all the artists that changed our lives with their music and their records.
The result is a Who’s Who in popular culture.


 Not at least because of the souvenirs of several contemporary witnesses this depiction has become a
unique documentation of the cultural development after 1945

285 pages, hardcover, with more than 800 illustrations, Voodoo Verlag, St. Dionys, 2018, 38 Euro .








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